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Post- Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate

Admission Application Information

  • Admission applications are due no later than Feb. 1 for fall admission.
  • Students are admitted to the program in the fall semester of each year based on competitive selection. Selection is based on the applicant’s qualifications (academic and professional), the applicant's strengths, and the number of available openings.
  • Each applicant will be evaluated to determine the courses required in order to complete the Post-Master’s FNP Certificate Program. Additional courses beyond the minimum courses needed for the certificate program may be required if the applicant’s earned MSN lacks courses required by the UNLV School of Nursing.
  • Graduate courses offered by the School of Nursing are web-based. To further connect you to our campus, professors and peers, you are invited to an orientation held during the first fall semester of program matriculation. Some courses may require an on-campus session during the semester, this session can vary from one to three days in length. On-campus sessions are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Students are expected to possess basic computer skills, including word processing.

Admission Requirements

Students must apply and submit all admission requirements via the Apply Yourself system available through the graduate college. Items below need to be submitted electronically to your Apply Yourself application.

  1. Transcripts of all course work for baccalaureate and master’s degrees must be sent to the School of Nursing and Graduate College. If unofficial transcripts are available, upload them with the Apply Yourself application. Nursing course work must have been completed at a program accredited by National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from either instructors or employers that speak to the applicant’s potential to complete the Post-Master’s FNP Certificate Program.
  3. Statement of 300 words describing the student’s professional goals and reason for seeking a nurse practitioner certificate.
  4. Current resume or vita.
  5. Current valid RN license in state of residence.