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Promotion and Tenure Procedures Manual

Posted: June 19, 2013

The Provost's office has now posted a complete instruction and procedures manual for this year's Promotion and Tenure review process, which consolidates the instructions that have been distributed previously to this fall's candidates, department chairs and deans. The manual is available for download as a single PDF document, and each relevant form or template is available, on the Provost Forms and Procedures website and the Promotion and Tenure page of the Provost website. (

This manual responds to recommendations from the Faculty Senate P & T committee, the president, and provost for greater clarity and information management. Thus, the manual provides more extensive instructions than in past years, and the instructions, as well as forms and templates, have been standardized and updated. It also addresses the need to update UNLV's procedures for ensuring the security and confidentiality of personnel documents for an electronic document environment.

These updated materials do not represent a change in standards or policy. The only additional information that these instructions request is that existing department/unit promotion and tenure standards be given to the applicant, to external referees and included in the application dossier as it goes forward. When an established unit-level standard, policy or procedure is in place but may not be stated in the unit-level guidelines, these can be stated clearly for higher-level committees by candidate, chair/director and/or dean.

As before, supporting materials will be submitted to the unit and is not part of the electronic dossier, so faculty need not try to upload or attach those materials.

The following persons or groups will be happy to respond to any questions or concerns about the 2013-2014 promotion and tenure process – from applicants, committee members, or administrators.

Content Questions Gregory Brown, Vice Provost for Faculty, Policy, and Research
Phone: 702-895-3496
Process Questions Elisa Watts
Phone: 702-895-2322
Technical Questions Wonda Riner, Faculty Support Coordinator
Phone: 702-895-0730
UNLV Bylaw Questions Shannon Sumpter, Chair Faculty Senate (2012-2013)
Chair Faculty Senate Promotion and Tenure Committee (2013-2014)
Phone: 702-895-3689