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New Academic Assessment “Peer Review” Process

Posted: May 9, 2013

As you are aware, it is essential that all faculty routinely assess student learning outcomes and use the results to improve the quality of their courses and degree programs (i.e. closing the loop). Part of this process involves receiving quality feedback from the Office of Academic Assessment on academic units’ assessment plans and reports submitted by the March 31 deadline each calendar year. In May 2013, the Office of Academic Assessment will implement a new and more rigorous process of evaluating academic units’ academic assessment plans and reports to provide helpful feedback ensuring the highest quality assessment within each course and degree program.

This new process will involve Academic Assessment Committee teams reviewing academic units’ academic assessment plans and reports (a peer review process). The teams will look for clear, well-articulated, and measurable learning objectives, the use of appropriate instruments to assess student learning outcome results, and most importantly, clear evidence that these results are used to make course and program improvements.

All academic units’ assessment plans and reports will be evaluated on a regular cycle. Units whose plans do not meet the expected quality, will undergo continued review and revision until the standards are met.

We are beginning this process now. It is intended to provide faculty helpful feedback and ensure the conduct of uniformly high quality assessment across the campus. This review ensures that all programs provide the substance, completeness, and rigorous intent expected of a robust assessment process, as outlined in our most recent NWCCU visit report.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Dan Bubb, Director of Academic Assessment – [email protected], 895-1506.