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Full-Time Faculty

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Alfonse Anderson, D.M.A.

Voice, Voice Coordinator
Office: HFA 226
Phone: 702-895-4073

Virko Baley, M.M.

Office: HFA 230A
Phone: 702-895-0813

Anthony Barone, Ph.D.

Music History
Office: HFA 234
Phone: 702-895-5953

Jennifer Bellor, Ph.D.

Office: HFA 218
Phone: 702-895-3073

William Bernatis, D.M.A.

Assistant Chair, Horn
Brass Coordinator
Office: HFA 243
Phone: 702-895-3713

Eugenie Burkett, Ph.D.

Music Education
Office: BMC 178
Phone: 702-895-1206

Stephen Caplan, D.M.A.

Oboe, Chamber Music
Woodwinds Coordinator
Office: HFA 219
Phone: 702-895-3738


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