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Abbreviation Titlesort descending Year Opened
ASC Academic Success Center - Claude I. Howard Building 1997
ALB Accelerator Lab Building 1994
HFA Alta Ham Fine Arts 1982
MBC Anthony and Lyndy Marnell III Baseball Clubhouse 2016
GRA Archie C. Grant Hall 1958
HCH Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall 1976
BDC Bennett Professional Development Center 2000
RLL Beverly Rogers Literature and Law Building 1962
CSB Campus Services Building 2001
CBC Carol C. Harter Classroom Building Complex 1994
CNC Catholic Newman Center 1975
CDC Central Desert Complex 2001
CHE Chemistry Building 1970
PSB Claude I. Howard Public Safety 1988
PKG1 Cottage Grove Parking Garage 2001
COX Cox Pavilion 2001
DAY Dayton Complex 2004
WBS Earl E. Wilson Baseball Stadium 1994
EMS Eller Media Softball Stadium 2001
EPA Environmental Protection Agency 1966
WRL Eugene R. Warner Residential Life Building 1989
FMA Facilities Management Administration 1968
FAB Flamingo Auxiliary Building
FDH Flora Dungan Humanities 1972
FND Foundations Building 2001
BEH Frank and Estella Beam Hall 1983
FTC Frank and Vicki Fertitta Tennis Complex 1993
GRS Graduate Arts Studios 1979
GUA Greenspun Hall 2008
RHW Gym Road South Resident Services Building 1990
DIN Hazel M. Wilson Dining Commons 1990
HWB Herman Westfall Building 1969
HBL High Bay Lab 2013
HEA Holbert H. Hendrix Education Auditorium 1972
HAB Hospitality Hall Fall 2017 (anticipated)
HOU Houssels House 1986
BGC John D. Jackie Gaughan Boys and Girls Club 2003
WRI John S. Wright Hall 1965
WHI Juanita Greer White Life Sciences 1976
JBT Judy Bayley Theatre 1972
LDS LDS Institute of Religion Student Center 1974
BMC Lee and Thomas Beam Music Center 2001
LAC Lied Athletic Complex 1996
LLB Lied Library 2000
LFG Lilly Fong Geoscience 1960
LBC Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Education Center 2004
MSM-HRC Marjorie Barrick Museum / Harry Reid Center 1960
MAB Maryland Administrative Building
MDC Mendenhall Center 2012
O&M Operations and Maintenance 1981
PAR-100 Paradise Campus - Building 100 1998
PAR-101 Paradise Campus - Building 101 1998
PAR-200 Paradise Campus - Building 200 1998
PAR-300 Paradise Campus - Building 300 1998
PAR-400 Paradise Campus - Building 400 1998
PAR-500 Paradise Campus - Building 500 1998
PAR-600 Paradise Campus - Building 600 1999
PES Paradise Elementary School 1998
ARC Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building 1997
MPE Paul McDermott Physical Education Complex 1974
PHQ Police Headquarters 1983
PRO Publications, Reprographics, Copy Center 1988
RPL Radiation Protection Laboratory 1960
RRC Rebel Recycling Center 1991
RAB Research Administration Building 1991
TAC Richard Tam Alumni Center 1990
BPB Robert L. Bigelow Physics 1994
MSB Robert Miller Soccer Building 1974
BHS Rod Lee Bigelow Health Sciences 1992
SBS Sam Boyd Stadium 1971
SEB Science and Engineering Building 2009
STL Science Teaching Labs 2007
SLC-D Shadow Lane Advanced Dental Education 2007
SLC-B Shadow Lane Biotech Research 2004
SLC-C Shadow Lane Campus Services 2004
SLC-A Shadow Lane Dental School 2004
SWC Sidewalk Café 1994
SOU South Residential Complex 1990
SFB Stan Fulton Building - International Gaming Institute 2000
SAM Student Affairs Maintenance 1990
RWC Student Recreation and Wellness Center 2007
SSC Student Services Complex 2004
SU Student Union 2007
SCS System Computing Services 1991
TEC Technology Building 1960
TMC Thomas & Mack Center 1983
MCB Thomas & Mack Moot Court 2007
TMW Thomas & Mack Warehouse 1986
TBE Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex 1988
TWH Thunder Warehouse 1994
TON Tonopah Residence Complex 1966
PKG2 Tropicana Parking Garage 2010
UCC UCC Residential Complex 1988
PKG3 University Gateway Parking Garage Spring 2017 (anticipated)
UNH University Hall 1960
USB University Systems Building 1988
BKS UNLV Bookstore 2000
UTC UNLV Transit Center 2013
WHA White Hall Annex 2001
CEB William D. Carlson Education 1972
TAY William D. Taylor Hall 1980
BSL William S. Boyd School of Law 1962