The Lincy Institute

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Scholars and Directors

The Lincy Institute will realize its stated goals and objectives through the efforts of the Senior Resident Scholars and Directors. Each of these area specialists will actively engage in community programming and draw upon the expertise of colleagues throughout the university to create opportunities for collaboration and success within the non-profits and other public service providers in sectors of education, health, social services, and information technology.

Robert E. Lang, Ph.D.

Executive Director
Office: GUA 2112
Phone: 702-895-0094
Fax: 702-895-0100

Ramona Denby Brinson, Ph.D.

Senior Resident Scholar of Social Services
Office: GUA 2121
Phone: 702-895-0099

Magdalena Martinez, Ph.D.

Director of Education Programs
Office: GUA 2110
Phone: 702-895-0092

Fatma Nasoz, Ph.D.

Senior Resident Scholar of Information Technology
Office: GUA 2119
Phone: 702-895-0097

Marya L. Shegog, Ph.D., MPH, CHES

Director of Health Programs
Office: GUA 2121
Phone: 702-895-0098