College of Liberal Arts

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The College of Liberal Arts has facilities located throughout campus.
The Classroom Building Complex (CBC) houses the dean’s office, the Psychology Department, Sociology Department, the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada, and Interdisciplinary Degree Programs. It contains nearly half of all the classrooms on campus. The complex also houses four auditoriums, computer labs and several rooms that are equipped for distance learning.

The Flora Dungan Humanities Building (FDH) contains the English and World Languages and Cultures Departments as well as the Language Resource Center. It is the tallest structure on campus and also contains auditoriums, classrooms, lecture halls, and computer labs.

The John S. Wright Hall (WRI) houses the Departments of Anthropology, History, and Political Science. It also holds the Wilson Advising Center. It features a large auditorium, lecture halls, classrooms and seminar rooms.

Locations for other departments and programs within the College of Liberal Arts include:

View the campus map to help locate the facilities that make up the College of Liberal Arts.