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International Scholars

International scholars are any non-immigrants (non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. permanent resident) who are visiting or hired at UNLV as teaching faculty, researchers, postdoctoral scholars, visiting professors, visiting scholars, or professional staff. They may or may not be paid by UNLV.

UNLV Departments

Learn the basics and steps to host/hire an international scholar if you are a UNLV faculty or staff and want to know more about or expect an international scholar to visit or work at your department or unit.

Prospective International Scholar

If you would like to find an employment opportunity at UNLV, please check UNLV Human Resources to find or apply for a position.

If you would like to work on a specific project, please contact a specific UNLV department.

If the UNLV department is interested in hosting or hiring you, please ask the UNLV department to contact the international scholar services by  phone 702-895-3443 or e-mail

Incoming International Scholars

Get helpful information if you are coming to visit or work at UNLV soon.

Current International Scholars

Get helpful information if you are currently working at UNLV.

More Information

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