University Identity

Dear members of the UNLV community,

I am pleased to introduce the updated logo treatment and graphic standards for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The new logo treatment strongly states our identity while retaining the stylized UNLV that has been associated with the university for twenty years.

This change to our graphic standards allows the logo to be more versatile and read well no matter what medium it appears in — print, web, or social. It also gives us a new way to prominently display department and college names in combination with the logo, something that departments have wanted for years. I think you will find the updated logo with its family of unit marks an effective visual identity system that builds on tradition. It’s a strong and classic look for the future.

In this new visual identity system, we are also standardizing UNLV’s official colors. The information in this publication specifies the exact ink designation that should be used for UNLV scarlet and gray. It also spells out the equivalent shades to be used in web and electronic communications. These colors must be displayed consistently. Official colors are not a matter of personal or department preferences. They are important graphic elements that build our visual identity. This website will guide you on the proper use of the UNLV logo and other graphic elements in the media, in our stationery, on our business cards, and in university publications.

During these challenging times, it is especially important that we strengthen and consolidate our public image. The tools for building visual identity and name recognition are consistency, frequency, and repetition.

The university has one official logo that is combined with individual colleges, departments, research centers, and units names in a stylized and consistent way. Departments should not build their own logos or graphic identities. UNLV’s visual identity is strongest when every part of the institution participates. The power of our identity is diluted when competing marks exist. We all share in the responsibility for building the university’s reputation and recognition as a whole.

Thank you for respecting and adhering to these graphic standards. Your cooperation helps ensure that UNLV presents a strong and unified image to the public.

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