University Identity

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Dear UNLV community members,

As we grow and enhance our reputation as a research university, it is crucial that we clearly and effectively communicate our identity. One important element of this is maintaining the integrity of our logo. As a registered trademark, it is important the UNLV logo not be altered in any way. Doing so dilutes the strength of our brand and may weaken our legal position when enforcing our trademarks.

The university has one official logo that may be combined with the names of individual colleges, departments, research centers, and administrative units in a stylized and consistent way. Departments should not build their own logos or graphic identities. The UNLV logo, with its family of unit marks, is a coherent system that builds on tradition while displaying department names in a prominent and attractive way.

Another vital component  in our visual  identity system is the accurate representation of UNLV's traditional and official colors - scarlet and gray. The UNLV identity website ( specifies the exact ink designations that should be used for these colors in printed materials. It also spells out the equivalent shades to be used in web and electronic communications. UNLV's official colors must be displayed  consistently. They are important graphic elements that contribute to the UNLV brand and increase consumer awareness.

UNLV's visual identity is strongest when every part of the institution participates. We all share in the responsibility for building the university's reputation and recognition as a whole. I encourage you to visit the UNLV identity website to learn more about the UNLV logo and other university trademarks.

As you are probably aware, UNLV has announced a series of major initiatives to elevate the stature of the university. Now more than ever, it is important we maintain the brand integrity of UNLV with the proper use of our logo and associated marks. A strong visual identity program unifies our university and leverages our communication efforts. Thank you for respecting and adhering to UNLV's graphic standards. Your cooperation helps ensure that UNLV presents a strong and unified image to the public.

Donald D. Snyder