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Leaving the University

Are you transferring to a different area? Have you accepted a position with a different employer? Or are you thinking of retiring? As you prepare for this next phase in your life, there are a few steps that you need to follow as an employee before you separate from the university.

Letter of Resignation

The first step is to submit your letter of resignation.

  • Classified – If you are a classified employee, you must complete the Resignation from State Service form. The form must be signed by the employee and the appointing authority.
  • Professional –Submit a letter of resignation to your supervisor listing your name, department, and last day at work. The letter must be signed and accepted by your supervisor.

A copy of both the resignation letter/form and acceptance must be forwarded to HR as soon as possible and before you leave UNLV.

Notify HR by E-mail

Notify Human Resources that you are leaving by sending an e-mail to  The earlier HR is notified that you are leaving, the sooner we can take the appropriate action to ensure that your separation proceeds as smoothly as possible.
The e-mail needs to include the following:

  • Your Full Name and Employee ID number
  • Department and contact number
  • Your last day at work
  • Attach Resignation Letter and Acceptance or Resignation form State Service Form

Clearing with the University

Upon receipt of the above information, HR will notify certain departments on campus to ensure that you have no outstanding items. If there are outstanding items, HR will notify you directly. It is your responsibility to clear out any outstanding items prior to separation. Any delay could result in a delay in the release of your final check.
We will send notices to the following departments:

  • Library Services – library books, library fines, etc.
  • Parking Services – parking permits, parking fines, etc.
  • Lock Shop - keys and marlok card
  • Telecommunications
  • Purchasing - procurement cards (PCard)
    • Accounts Payable - Diner’s club card, Outstanding Travel
  • Bursar’s Office – computer loans, tuition owed
  • Employee’s Department

Prior to setting your exit interview, if you are eligible to receive a payout of your annual leave, we recommend that you meet with your department leave keeper to ensure that all leave taken and any leave you plan to take between now and your separation date has been posted to your leave balance. To expedite the payment of your annual leave, you and your supervisor will need to approve your final leave agreeing to the balances posted.

Exit Interview

You will need to sit down with a benefits representative to discuss continuation of benefits. Please contact 895-0414 to schedule an appointment.
Your representative will discuss the following options available to you:

  • Continuation of Health Benefits
  • What to do with your retirement accounts
  • Continuation of employee paid supplemental insurance products (if appropriate)
    • Term Life Insurance
    • Long Term Care
    • Cancer Care
  • Outstanding Items

If you are planning on retiring, and wish to continue your benefits as a retiree, we recommend that you contact a benefits representative at least one month prior to your intended retirement date.
If you are age 65 or over, you will also need Medicare. We recommend that you contact Medicare directly at least three months before your intended retirement date.

Separation Checklists

To assist you and your department in this separation process, we have developed the following tools.