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Summit Panel Bios: Shawn Seipler

As a social entrepreneur, Shawn is committed to focusing his business, management and leadership skills on advancing humanitarian causes through philanthropic efforts. As the Executive Director of Clean the World, he has poised the charity that he co-founded on a mission to reduce the millions of deaths worldwide caused by lack of hygiene.

Educated at the University of Houston and currently residing in Orlando, Florida with his wife and four children, Shawn previously was a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a global ecommerce technology company offering ecommerce applications to Fortune 100 manufacturers and retailers. It was while conducting an enormous amount of business travel that he began to think about the concept of recycling hotel soap, shampoo and other amenities.

In January 2009, Shawn and Clean the World, co-Founder, Paul Till, began investigating how to recycle bar soap and what, if any, uses of recycled bar soap may exist. It was then that the purpose and cause of Clean the World was clearly defined and understood as the research led to two very deadly diseases, acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease. These two diseases, the leading and third leading cause of death respectively amongst children under the age of five, can be dramatically decreased through proper sanitation with simple bar soap.

Shawn Seipler's mission at Clean the World is very simple- to lead the creation and implementation of a national hospitality soap and shampoo recycling program that has a two fold mission: to both prevent needless landfill waste AND, most importantly, to assist in saving millions of lives.