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Epicurean Society

This club is for those who are interested in the experience of food, culinary events and food service operations.

Getting Involved

The Epicurean Society is open to all students. There is a $20 fee for new members and that money goes into our funding to be able to put on events and dinners for our club members. We have a great relationship with Aramark catering services on campus and that fee will allow you to have access to our resources to be able to find relevant work on campus and to be involved. All students are welcome to come to any events that we put on.

Who Should Join

This organization is for anyone who wants a greater understanding of food and beverage operations as well as a desire to dine at many of the great restaurants Las Vegas has to offer. Our club members are very enthusiastic about food and cooking and we would love to share that with any and all people who are interested in joining our club.


For the Fall 2014 semester, we meet every Thursday in BEH 236 at 4:00 p.m. We try to do one restaurant outing to a local restaurant at least once a month. We also try to plan at least one fundraising event or dinner for the club members at least once a month as well.