William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

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Industry Professionals

The Harrah Hotel College has a strong partnership with hospitality industry professionals around the world. It is people like you who help keep us current on industry issues and trends. You serve on the Dean’s International Advisory Board and provide support for our students. You open your facilities to us for research. We learn from you.

But this is a relationship of mutual exchanges…


We offer learning opportunities and make available research findings to help you make informed business decisions. We support you throughout your career.

Staying Connected

We want you to know what is happening in the Harrah Hotel College, and stay connected with alumni and others.

Events & Services

What is “hospitality” if not getting together and enjoying each other’s company? We hope you’ll join us at one of our many annual events. Or, please consider our meeting space for your next event.

Student Support/Giving Back

Our students are the future leaders of the hospitality industry. What better way can you give back, than to support students as they move through their academic careers?