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Caesars Hospitality Research Summit

Crisis Management in the Hospitality Industry

Crisis Management is a very real and rapidly growing response to today’s social climate and nowhere is it more vital than the hospitality and tourism segment. From natural disasters to man-made threats, a crisis can strike at any time causing sudden and catastrophic impact upon the industry.

This summit will take a close look at threats, resources, and organizational planning to assist you in turning a crisis into an opportunity. By creating a paradigm shift from planning for every eventuality to creating an organizational culture of preparedness and response, your organization will be better equipped to handle the changing world environment.

By recognizing risks, identifying resources, creating a plan, and building a culture of preparedness you will ensure that your organization is prepared for anything.

Summit Date and Times

Thursday, June 12th 2014
7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Stan Fulton Building, UNLV Campus
801 E. Flamingo (SE corner Flamingo and Swenson)

For assistance with registration, please contact Gael Hancock at 702-895-5430 or gael.hancock@unlv.edu.

Who Should Attend the Summit

  • CEOs, managers, and owners of hospitality companies
  • Security department personnel
  • Human resources personnel
  • Public relations professionals
  • Crisis management consultants
  • Related service/product providers
  • Researchers studying the topic of crisis management
  • Regulatory and government officials
  • Representatives from aid organizations
  • First responders