Honors College


Students in the Honors College participate in the University Honors Program or Department Honors Program, or both. University Honors students complete the Honors College core curriculum, which fulfills the general education requirements of UNLV. Department Honors students undertake a special research or creative project culminating in a senior thesis within their major discipline. Students who choose to complete both the University Honors and Departmental Honors Programs graduate with two honors distinctions.

  • University Honors Program — The University Honors program is designed to complement and enhance every major at UNLV and is an excellent alternative to UNLV’s general education core requirements. This program is primarily designed for incoming freshmen but can accommodate transfer and continuing students.
  • Department Honors Program — The Department Honors program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to complete a senior thesis/project in addition to taking upper division Honors seminars. This program is particularly suitable for transfer students, as well as for continuing UNLV students who have completed the bulk of their general education courses.
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