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Honors Seminars Summer 2014

HON 400H-1001: National Security Policy

Summer Session II
Instructors: Dr. Cathy Hanks

Providing security for its citizens is a primary function of government. This course will explore how the United States government is organized to carry out that function, the theoretical and practical underpinning of the choices it makes, successes and failures of those choices, and challenges facing the United States in the post-9/11 world.

HON 400-1002: Poetry, World and Spiritual Thought

Summer Session III
Instructor: Jaclyn Costello, MFA

Like science, logic, and literature--poetry is another way we come to understand the world. In this course, we'll study poetry that expresses an awareness of the human being's placement within a much grander structure than ourselves. You will be immersed in five unique units of poetry: Persian, Hindu, Buddhist, Western European, and poetry of the Americas. Integrated into our learning experience will be music, film clips, and art. You will also be required to participate in discussions relating to philosophy, spirit, and poems. This course offers you the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives--becoming more globally aware, while participating in an in-depth analysis of poetry and, of course, life.