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Department Honors Program

The Department Honors Program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to complete a senior thesis/project. This program is suitable for transfer students, as well as continuing UNLV students who have completed the bulk of their general education courses. Furthermore, University Honors students can choose to complete the Department Honors Program and graduate with two honors distinctions.

Department Honors students must take four HON 400H seminars. Each of the four Honors seminars can be used to satisfy general education core requirements in social sciences and humanities. In addition to the four seminars, students must also complete a six-credit honors thesis/project their senior year (HON 498H and HON 499H. Students will need to have completed at least two of their HON 400H seminars prior to enrolling into HON 498H or 499H.

Students may replace HON 498H with an equivalent 400-level, three-credit course from the department sponsoring the Honors thesis/project. This substitution is allowed as long as the department course meets the requirements of HON 498H, which is intended to provide three credits for the research phase of the thesis project. Thus, if a student chooses to substitute a course for HON 498H, the work completed in the substitute course must form the foundation for HON 499H, the second half of the Honors thesis/project. Even if you choose to substitute a course for HON 498 you must still comply with the HON 498 requirements.

Consult the Department Honors Handbook for information on application requirements and procedures.