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First-Year Students

We are willing to bet you’ve spent your High School days looking for experiences that would challenge and stretch you intellectually. You work hard to get ahead and opt for advanced classes, while still passionately pursuing your interests.

Are you ready for the next level? Check out all that Honors College has to offer.

Life in Honors

What does it look like to be in the Honors College?

One-of-a-Kind Courses

In our small classes, you’ll feed off the energy of likeminded students whose academic drive matches your own. During your first two years, you’ll take an exclusive set of core courses from the Honors College. These aren’t your typical lower-division courses; they will both challenge and inspire you. As an upperclassman, you’ll take one-of-a-kind seminar courses designed and delivered by UNLV’s most talented professors.

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Family-Like Support

The real magic of the Honors College is found in our close-knit community of dynamic students, faculty and staff. The Honors Suite, located in the state-of-the-art Lied Library, serves as a home-base where you can study, socialize and have direct access to our top-notch academic advisors, as well as the dean and associate dean. We are here for you and care about what is happening in your life. You will also start forming those all-important networks that will accelerate your success and create lifelong friendships.

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Exceptional Opportunities

As an Honors student, you’ll have opportunities to conduct and publish original research with the university’s most accomplished faculty. We’ll help you spend a semester abroad. You can also choose to complete an Honors thesis project, which will prepare you to enter graduate school with confidence.

Our faculty will also mentor you in preparation for graduate school and nationally competitive awards. Recent Honors College students have earned national recognition as Harry S. Truman, Goldwater, National Science Foundation, and Fulbright Scholars.

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Honors Facilities and Housing

Because academic success is a top priority in the Honors College, every element of the learning environment is designed to promote good study habits and foster collaborative educational experiences. As an Honors College student, you'll have access to a dedicated Honors lounge and computer lab located in the Lied Library, just steps from the Honors College faculty/staff offices. This environment will help you achieve your goals in a setting surrounded by technology, resources and individuals who will assist you in the process.

To enjoy the full collegiate experience, many of our students choose to live on campus. We have dedicated floors in the UNLV residence halls devoted to Honors students. You can find answers to your questions about housing via the link below. Remember – when requesting a dorm room, be sure to mention that you’d like to be grouped with Honors students.

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Student Successes

While plenty of our students head straight into rewarding careers, many choose to pursue advanced degrees in fields such as medicine, law, social sciences, humanities, engineering and business. Some of our recent graduates are now studying in top-ranked graduate programs at Stanford University, UCLA Medical School, Princeton University and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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