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The History Department provides students with a broad knowledge of the human past and experience and the appreciation of diverse cultures crucial in a smaller and smaller world.

Student Learning Objectives for the Program

  1. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the development of the West from antiquity to the present.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of two of the four geographical areas, including United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of the changing nature of historical interpretation and the ability to make independent judgments about conflicting historical interpretations.
  4. Demonstrate training in the collection, analysis, and evaluation of historical information.
  5. Demonstrate training in critical thinking and the ability to construct a cogent argument on the basis of historical information.
  6. Demonstrate training in clarity of expression, orally and in writing.

We also train future public school teachers, prepare current students for further study in graduate or professional schools, and prepare graduate students for careers in higher education, public history, government, and related areas.

Accomplished Faculty

Our 21 full-time professors are actively engaged in teaching, research, and community service. Our faculty have authored or edited more than 30 books and hundreds of scholarly articles. They’ve won numerous UNLV awards for scholarship and teaching and have received grants from the following:

  • Mellon Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Nevada Humanities Committee
  • American Council of Learned Societies
  • Fulbright Commission
  • American Historical Association

Our faculty members are also active as editors for scholarly journals and university presses as well as producers for public presentations, exhibits, websites, and instructional materials.

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