Graduate & Professional Student Association

Sponsorship Funding & Awards

The GPSA has $150,000 budgeted for graduate and professional student conference travel and research during the 2013 – 2014 academic year. The GPSA also recognizes three students and one faculty member every year for their contributions and dedication to UNLV. The nomination deadline is December 6th. The GPSA awards are announced at the following annual Graduate & Professional Student Research Forum.

Sponsorship Funding

Apply for funding to support your graduate and professional research.

Graduate and Professional Student & Faculty Awards

The GPSA recognizes students and faculty from across disciplines and classifications for their contributions to the development and continuing growth of UNLV. Learn more about how to nominate a deserving student and/or faculty member.

GPSA Book Scholarships

Apply for a $100 GPSA Book Scholarship. Deadlines are April 30th (Fall) and October 30th (Spring.)

Emergency Funding

Missed the sponsorship application deadline? You may qualify for emergency funding.

Other Funding Information and Resources

Learn about other funding resources.

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