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Recognized Organizations

American Association for Dental Research Student Research Group

The UNLV School of Dental Medicine American Association for Dental Research Student Research Group promotes student research in dentistry and its related disciplines; promotes the advancement of dental research and related aspects; and to further the stated aims and objectives of the AADR and the IADR as they relate to student research. For more information please contact Dr. Karl Kingsley.

American Student Dental Association

American Student Dental Association is a dental student-run organization. It introduces student to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy.

Asian American Dental Student Association

Asian American Dental Student Association serves to: provide a voice for Asian dental students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine; promote awareness and understanding of different cultures in an effort to bridge any gaps between international students, domestic students, faculty, staff and community; promote the oral health of the Asian community in Nevada through improved education, prevention and treatment; foster research and knowledge concerning Asian dental problems and disseminate this information to both Asian dental professionals and to the dental community at large; communicate research findings on Asian populations to various agencies and the public; stimulate interest and encourage entry of Asians into oral health careers; promote a social environment for dental students; encourage the development and maintenance of the Asian culture within the university and provide cultural and educational experiences for non-Asian students who wish to learn more about Asian cultures.

Black Graduate Student Association

The association promotes community, scholarship, professionalism and excellence. For more information contact Kayana Sanders.

Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students Association exists for the support, guidance and direction of Black students in academic, professional and social endeavors. Their main function is to assist members in the development of their legal careers and to provide opportunities for exposure to various areas and aspects of the legal profession. The BLSA recognizes the need to act positively in the development of the Black community, to encourage cooperation and closer ties between members of the law school's Black community and to establish a vehicle through which their concerns are brought to bear on Boyd Law School policy and the community at large.

C. Wright Mills Sociology Club

The purpose of this Society shall be to promote leadership, scholarship, and fellowship in the study of sociology, research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities while providing access to the field of sociology for all interested university students.

Christian Grads

Christian Grads provides an opportunity of the fellowship of Christian Grads to focus on discovering, developing, and deploying Christian leaders. Christian Grads is a national organization with local community groups meeting on 40+ university campus across the globe. For more information about this student organization and their parent organization, visit their website. This student group is open to current UNLV graduate students and UNLV graduate alumni and their significant others. For more information, contact, Rob Miller, President.

MBA Student Association

MBA Student Association serves to promote the UNLV MBA Program and to assist in its development. The goal of the MBA Association is to augment the MBA curriculum by providing MBA students with a focused graduate experience in business that enhances their leadership and professional capabilities.

Movies that Matter Student Association

MTM shows films that matter in an effort to start a discussion of real societal issues. This student group collaborates with other organizations to promote injustices witnessed within society. MTM informs the public about many important issues that may not be covered in the popular media. This student group’s goal is to show films still on the film circuit or recently distributed. For more information, contact Chris Conner, President.

UNLV Cares Food Pantry

The UNLV Cares Food Pantry collects donations from the UNLV community to assist students and staff during these tough economic times. The idea is to provide some mode of support for members of the UNLV community struggling to afford food through a discreet system that allows Rebels to help one another. We are counting on campus generosity to restock our shelves, so please drop off canned goods at donation boxes located at: Science and Engineering Building, Lied Library, Law Library, Student Union, and Wellness Center with more locations to come. If you wish to be a beneficiary of this program or know of UNLV community members in need, food items will be available at varying dates and times to accommodate varying schedules. IDs are not checked of those that utilize the Food Pantry. Policy is: open to everyone at UNLV. Also, if you are in a teaching position please let your students know that this resource is available to them. The UNLV Cares Food Pantry is located at 851 East Tropicana Avenue PAR600 Building, Las Vegas, NV 89119 For questions please email us at:, or call 702-895-2261. Visit us on .