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What is a Registered Student Organization (RSO)  

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas defines a Registered Student Organization as group of five or more students actively enrolled at UNLV who share a common purpose or interest. A Registered Student Organization is entirely operated and organized by actively enrolled students with the exception of a required full-time UNLV faculty or staff advisor. Registered Student Organizations may also be members of other University based communities that impose additional standards of conduct. Registered Student Organizations shall not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, veteran status, or disability. The benefits of forming and becoming a member of a Registered Student Organization are explained herein. However, you need to be aware there are certain matters which are not benefits.

Please read the important detailed footnote.

The term Registered Student Organization in this section shall also apply to the individual student members thereof. In summary, a Registered Student Organization is not an agent, representative, or employee of UNLV. You are not permitted to act as an extension of UNLV. Therefore, along with any other relevant considerations you must contemplate the following:

  • Registered Student Organizations are not granted the non-profit nor tax-exempt statuses from UNLV. If an organization desires to be considered tax-exempt and/or or non-profit, they must obtain at their own expense such status through the IRS or a national affiliation.
  • Registered Student Organizations receive no insurance coverage of any type from UNLV. UNLV makes no representation about the ability of a Registered Student Organization to obtain any private insurance coverage. The ability to obtain any type of insurance coverage is at the sole discretion, expense and risk of the Registered Student Organization.
  • As an entity of the State of Nevada, UNLV, is insured through the State of Nevada’s self-insurance program and is afforded limited liabilities as per the Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 41. You are not entitled to the coverage of this self-insurance program and the limited liabilities contained therein i.e. among other matters you are not entitled to a defense or indemnification. You do not have any liability coverage of any type.
  • UNLV is not responsible whatsoever for the contracts, indebtedness, obligations, and/or liabilities of a Registered Student Organization. You are responsible for the same. You are not entitled to advice and/or representation from UNLV Office of General Counsel. You are required to obtain and pay for any necessary legal advice and/or representation. A Registered Student Organization may be personally responsible for any damages from a lawsuit.
  • You have no authority to enter into any type of contract (defined as a legal obligation of any type) which would bind UNLV. It is your duty and obligation to always make it clear to third parties any contract entered into is solely between them and your Registered Student Organization i.e. UNLV is not a party to the contract and is not responsible for the same.