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Faculty/Staff Directory

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David Schmoeller, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Film
Office: FDH 425
Phone: 702-895-2535

Sang-Duck Seo, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Art

Stacy Shapin, M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Advising

David Shouse

Scene Shop Supervisor

Brian Smallwood, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor/Technical Director of Theatre

Andrew Smith, D.M.A.

Associate Professor of Music, Graduate Coordinator
Office: BMC 181
Phone: 702-895-3327

Jessica Starkey

Assistant Professor in Residence

Marina Sturm, D.M.A.

Assistant Professor of Music, Clarinet
Office: BMC 177
Phone: 702-895-2542

Mykola Suk, D.M.A.

Assistant Professor of Music, Piano
Office: HFA 130
Phone: 702-895-4980

Shannon J. Sumpter, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor/Production Manager of Theatre
Office: FDH 404
Mail Code: 5036
Phone: 702-895-3261