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Training Guide

UNLV’s college business managers may be responsible for managing business processes, implementing controls to prevent errors and detect fraud, and applying best business practices to increase effectiveness and efficiency in their units/departments.

In addition, the business manager is responsible for ensuring compliance with all policies and procedures with regard to business processes. This Business Manager Training Guide is provided to college business managers to identify and locate the training courses you will need to effectively and efficiently carry out your job duties with regards to business processes. This guide also serves as a tool to track and record your progress in completing these requisite courses. Once you have completed the training courses you may submit this to Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business to receive a Certificate of Completion and a token gift.

Depending on the training and/or subject matter, training is offered either online or in a classroom format. With each training course description, this guide provides information about how to register for already scheduled classroom trainings, who to contact for scheduling particular training, or provides a link to available online training.

It should be noted that because each college/unit at UNLV is unique, there may be additional training needed to fit your particular job duties. Thus, this should not be considered an “inexhaustible list”.

Accounts Payable

Through this workshop you will get a comprehensive overview designed to help you select and use the proper purchasing or accounts payable document (e.g. Requisition vs. Procurement Card vs. Payment Voucher vs. Service Contract). Additional topics include the processing of vendor invoices, understanding the host policy and procedures, preparing an independent service provider (ISP) contract, payment processing for nonresident alien employees and students, the relocation policy, and applicable tax information.

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Archibus Web Central is the web module of the campus space management software. It connects floor plans, space, assets (coming soon) and employee data. In the training course you will learn how to access data to obtain information such as who is assigned to an office, the size of the office and where it is located. Armed with the Archibus training you will be able to update information for your department/unit, such as employee location, UNLV phone, UNLV email and mailstop.

For more information or to register, email jennifer.mccarthy@unlv.edu.

Financial Data Warehouse Training

The Financial Data Warehouse is a great tool for accessing departmental account information in a user-friendly format. Learn how to log-in and navigate through the warehouse to find financial information. You’ll also learn advanced concepts that will allow you to use retrieval tools to write custom reports to meet the management needs in your department. Anyone who handles payment vouchers, payroll expenses, or budget preparation will benefit from this training.

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IDRs 101

This workshop provides a variety of information concerning Inter-Departmental Requisitions (IDRs). Important information will be shared regarding the different types of IDRs, different purposes, IDR document numbers, IDR reminders, appropriate routing and, last but not least, advice on how to check the current status of an IDR.

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Independent Service Provider (ISP) Training

Who are you hiring? Employee vs. Independent Service Provider! For federal tax purposes, this is an important distinction. Worker classification affects how federal income tax, social security and Medicare taxes are paid. If you aren’t sure of your worker’s status, this training course is for you. We will explain the three main elements in making the correct determination, Behavioral Control, Financial Control & Relationship of the Parties.

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Training on how to log in and use the electronic requisitioning system that allows users to initiate and submit their requisitions electronically.

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Payroll Processing For Student & Hourly Employees

Don’t miss this newly created workshop designed to walk you through all aspects of the process required to assure accurate and timely payment for hourly and student employees. Here’s an opportunity to explore the nuances in advance!

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PCard Training

The PCard Program is designed to make purchasing easier for members of the campus community. This workshop is a comprehensive overview of the PCard Program, which covers the “do’s and don’ts” of PCard use, and provides an overview of the reconciliation process required of each cardholder. You must successfully complete this program prior to issuance of a card. Employees, authorized by their department, must fill out an application before training can be scheduled. For additional information about the PCard Program and access to the application form, please go to Purchasing or call 774-Card (2273).

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Purchasing Year-End Training

Course discusses cut off dates, open end purchase orders, open purchase order reports, PCard information, year-end priorities and contact information.

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Self-Supporting Budget Presentations

Budget Presentations are held for account managers to review the Self Supporting budget process, rates and any changes to procedures, rates or forms for the upcoming fiscal year.

This workshop is held in the spring and participants are invited/notified by the Budget Office by email.

Travel Process & Procedures

This workshop will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the travel policies and procedures you need to know in order to request a travel advance, complete travel documents and itineraries, prepare payment vouchers for candidate reimbursement, and pay for airline tickets using the PCard or Campus Diner’s Club Card. If you are responsible for travel, this workshop is a must!

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Web Contract Training

There are multiple informational videos that will walk you through the steps to create a WEB Contract for all employee types, as well as special issues such as using I-9 eXpress, changing account numbers, entering a new hire record, and understanding first initial expense contracts (FIE).

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Year-End Closing Process

Time to close out the books on another fiscal year! If you need a refresher on the process — here’s your opportunity! Topics to be addressed include processing cash receipts, payments of invoices, payment vouchers, independent service providers (ISP’s), travel and interdepartmental requisitions (IDRs). If you are an account manager or you are responsible for processing financial documents at year end, here’s your opportunity to refresh yourself on the process.

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