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UNLV Official

The UNLV Official Electronic Mail List

The UNLV Official email system is reserved for information that the entire campus needs to receive. Appropriate postings include notices about major policy changes, building power outages, and immediate parking lot closures.


The UNLV Official list includes all UNLV employees as members. Membership to this list is automatic. New faculty and staff are subscribed to the list at the time their email accounts are created. Removing oneself from the UNLV Official list is not possible.

How does the UNLV Official list work?

Postings to the UNLV Official list are sent to one of several "Official" email accounts. A designated reviewer manages each "Official" account and accepts or rejects messages submitted by persons in his or her area. There are 16 such "Official" email accounts in all (see below).

Sending A Message

To send a message:

  1. Determine which UNLV Official account the message should be sent through.
  2. Compose your email message and send to the appropriate account. There is a 200k size limit on emails.
  3. A designated reviewer will then screen the message to ensure it is suitable for posting.