Recycling and Reuse of Radioactive Materials

When: Oct. 24, 2012, 8:30am - 9:30am
Campus Location: Marjorie Barrick Museum / Harry Reid Center
Office/Remote Location: Auditorium

Please join the College of Sciences' Chemistry Department in a dissertation presentation entited "Recycling and Reuse of Radioactive Materials" by Thomas J. O'Dou, Radio Chemistry Program.

Radionuclides are used in medicine, as fuel for nuclear reactors, for research in biology, chemistry, engineering, geoscience, medicine, physics and radiochemistry. In the use of these materials, most modes of use lead to creation of wastes that may not be disposed of in the way that other hazardous materials are disposed of, and the costs associated with that disposal may stifle future use for research.  In this research Thomas O'Dou will explore methods of extraction of radioactive material from the waste product coal ash, recovery of radioactive compounds for use in a radiochemistry program, recovery of radioactive material from a decontamination gel, and recovery of radioactive material from the form of a mixed waste. 

While these issues are important to reduce research costs, reduce the impact of radioactive waste on the environment, and support the title of this dissertation, O'Dou's primary research and work at UNLV was associated with the development of a radiation safety program for a continuously growing radiochemistry program. 

Please join discussion about Thomas O'Dou's discoveries, the excitement of working with the radiochemistry program, and issues that may plant seeds of enthusiasm in your future thoughts.

Admission Information: 

Free and open to the public.

Contact Information: 

Office: Barrick Museum
Phone: 702-895-3381

Event Sponsor: Department of Chemistry, College of Science

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