Interpersonal Violence Training for Graduate Students

When: Nov. 19, 2013, 10am - 11am
Campus Location: Student Union
Office/Remote Location: Room 205

Disclosures of Interpersonal Violence Training for Graduate Students

The Advocacy, Support, and Education Response Team Against Violence is a collaboration between on and off campus organizations and departments to address interpersonal violence at UNLV.

Training faculty and staff to respond to student and peer disclosures of interpersonal violence—domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking—is critical to the health of the UNLV community. In addition to teaching, research, and advisement, UNLV faculty and staff may also act as confidants, mentors, and authority figures.

The disclosure workshop provides:

  • Step by step directions for what to do when someone discloses
  • On and off campus resources for survivors of violence and stalking
  • Statistics on interpersonal violence
  • Relevant UNLV regulations and Nevada Revised Statutes code


The effects of trauma can impact a student's ability to continue with studies or an employee's ability to work. Training faculty and staff to be aware of the issues affecting students and each other, along with knowledge of resources available on and off campus, will help keep UNLV healthy and vibrant.

You will learn how to support a student in crisis, UNLV's policies, step by step directions for how to respond, and what resources are available on and off campus. Attendees are given materials to use in case of disclosures, including a guidebook.

Admission Information: 

This event is free and open to the public.

To register, visit the event registration webpage.

Contact Information: 

Name: Christina Hernandez
Office: Jean Nidetch Women's Center
Phone: 702-895-0689

Event Sponsor: Graduate College and Jean Nidetch Women's Center

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