Department of Chemistry Seminar: Wanli Yang

When: Sep. 6, 2013, 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Campus Location: Chemistry Building
Office/Remote Location: Room 101

Wanli Yang from the Adavance Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory will be the featured speaker at a Department of Chemistry seminar. The title of the talk is, "Fingerprinting, understanding and optimizing the battery operation by soft X-ray spectoscopy."

Energy storage is a critical but weak link in the chain of modern sustainable energy applications. The pressing demand of new energy storage systems, especially for electric vehicles, calls for speedy strategies for developing materials based on advanced analytic tools. Synchrotron based soft X-ray spectroscopy is one of such incisive tools that probes the key electronic states pertaining to the performance of batteries.

This presentation starts with introductions on what kind of valuable information could be obtained through soft x-ray spectroscopy for battery researches. We will present some of our recent results on how soft X-ray spectroscopy provides valuable information for understanding the cycling mechanism of batteries. We show that the in-depth understanding of the relevant electronic states could lead to guidelines for optimizing materials for battery applications. We will also discuss our recent developments of in-situ and operando soft X-ray techniques for studying battery cathodes. The combination of in-situ and ex-situ soft X-ray spectroscopy reveals an intriguing charge dynamics that contradicts conventional wisdom.

Admission Information: 

Admission is free. No ticket required.

Contact Information: 

Office: Department of Chemistry
Phone: 702-895-3510

Event Sponsor: Department of Chemistry

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