Astronomy Colloquium: Raffaella Margutti

When: Feb. 28, 2014, 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Campus Location: Robert L. Bigelow Physics
Office/Remote Location: Room 217

Raffaella Margutti from the Harvard University Astronomy Department will be the featured speaker at a Department of Physics and Astronomy Department colloquium. Her talk is titled, "Explosive Transients in the era of Time Domain Astronomy."

Stellar explosions are at the intersection of several critical areas of modern Astronomy: as probes of the early Universe, as electromagnetic signposts of gravitational wave and neutrino emitters, as laboratories for extreme physics. In this talk Margutti presents the recent results from my multi-wavelength effort designed to (i) constrain the stellar progenitors and their evolution in the years before the terminal explosion; (ii) shed light on the physical mechanism that enables only a small fraction of stellar explosions to harbor and launch a relativistic jet. By taking advantage from DISCOVERY -provided by observations of the transient sky- and DEEP-INSIGTH -that only a truly multi-wavelength perspective can offer-, Margutti will show how this study paves the way to the upcoming era of multi-messenger astronomy.

Admission Information: 

Admission is free. No ticket required.

Contact Information: 

Name: George Rhee
Office: Department of Physics and Astronomy
Phone: 702-895-4453

Event Sponsor: Department of Physics and Astronomy

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