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INVEST: Involving Nevada's Volunteers in Engineering Student Training

Mentor Stanley Goldfarb and Dean Rama Venkat in the Solid State Lab.

The purpose of INVEST is to engage Engineering, Technology and Science retirees living in the Valley area as mentors for our undergraduate and graduate engineering students at UNLV. By providing opportunities for professional retirees to mentor current engineering students, we enhance the student’s learning experience, introduce new community members to the university and the work we are doing, we provide the volunteers with the chance to assist with ongoing research and the development of the institution and engage the volunteers intellectually.

How We Do It

Each department has a faculty coordinator for the INVEST program. They match the mentor with the proper project and students and are responsible for managing that interaction. All departmental coordinators work with our program manager, Dawn Barlow-Curtis. The program manager maintains a database for the mentor’s information and activities within the college. The College will maintain a website where prospective volunteers can sign in automatically and indicate areas of interest to them.

Leading the Way

Stanley Goldfarb is our Lead Mentor. He used his education and professional experience to develop the program. The development of this program was inspired through the gracious generosity of Stan and the impact he has made by sharing his time, expertise, and business connections with our students. We welcome the participation of professionally trained, retired engineers and scientists in all relevant fields.

If you are interested in joining our INVEST program and partnering with our engineering students please download the application form and email it to Dawn Barlow-Curtis, director of communications & special events at