Office of Diversity Initiatives

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In the past few months the Office of Diversity Initiatives has been collaborating with members of our campus and local community on addressing campus concerns, sharing information on initiatives and resources, and streamlining efforts for continuous communication. In moving forward with addressing ODI's role in assisting with the recommendations presented in the campus climate survey, and developed through extensive input and feedback we would like to present our newly revised vision and mission statements. We greatly appreciate the hard work, feedback and insight provided by so many of you, whose vested interest continues to support our joint efforts for campus improvement.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Office of Diversity Initiatives is to advocate, promote, and support the advancement of equity, inclusiveness, and empowerment of a continuously changing collegiate and global community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Diversity Initiatives is to provide leadership and support for UNLV’s diversity mission: to nurture equity, diversity, and inclusiveness that promotes respect, support, and empowerment.

ODI will accomplish this by facilitating policy creation and compliance; supporting strategies that enhance professional development, mentoring, recruitment and retention; as well as working in collaboration with campus and community partners to foster and encourage cultural competency.