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Student Research Presented in 2012

Students at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine are invited to participate in research. Contact Dr. Connie Mobley at 702-774-2643 for research opportunities.

Basic Sciences

  • Folate Effects in HPV-Infected Oral Carcinoma Cells via p53Signaling — Sarah Chang, Anna Tshagaryan, Mark A. Keiserman, RD, Christine J. Bergman, PhD, RD, Karl Kingsley, PhD, MPH 
  • Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Induces Expression of the Anti-inflammatory Enzyme Platelet-activating Factor Acetylhydrolase — Sabrina Dragan, Paul Lee, Mohammed Abdel-Al, and Katherine M. Howard. PhD 
  • Evaluation of the Aerosol and Splatter Reduction Capabilities of Two Dry-Field Isolation Techniques — Matthew Herring, BS; Joshua Leavitt, BS; Marcia Ditmyer, PhD; Richard Walker, DDS, Med, William Dahlke, DMD 
  • Biomarker Screening of Oral Cancer Cell Lines may Reveal Sub-Populations of CD133- and CD44-Positive Cancer Stem Cells — Krystle Kendall, Toni Jilka, and Karl Kingsley, PhD, MPH 
  • Differentiation of Dental Pulp-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Osteogenic and Neurogenic Progenitors in vitro is Associated with Decreased mRNA Expression of c-myc and Sox2 — Rohit Kumar, JD Westphal, Austin Burnett, Matthew Alleman, Ellen Huang, Khanh Truong, Erik Low, and Karl Kingsley, PhD, MPH 
  • Soy Protein Extract Inhibits Oral Cancer Growth: Potential Dietary Implications — Don Phipps, Karl Kingsley, PhD, MPH, Mark A. Keiserman, RD, and Christine J. Bergman, PhD, RD 
  • Porphyromonas Gingivalis LipopolysaccharideStimulates Production of Platelet-activating Factor Acetylhydrolase — Chelsie Todd, Brandyn Herman, Sahar Azim, and Katherine M. Howard, Ph.D 
  • RE-PCR Saliva Screening in Minorities for Cariogenic and Periodontal Pathogens — Keaton Tomlin, Allison Findley, Nicholas Freel, Patricia Cruz, Jay Ericksen Davis, Clifford C. Seran, Katherine M. Howard, PhD, and Karl Kingsley, PhD, MPH

Clinical/Educational Research

  • Salivary Levels of Tannerella forsythia and Selenomonas noxia in Nevada Adolescent — Richard Bandley, Thomas Kenny, Arthuro Mehretu, Patricia Cruz Perez, Mark Buttner, Marcia Ditmyer, PhD, and Katherine M. Howard, PhD 
  • Total Oral Bacterial Burden and Levels of Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus in Nevada Adolescents in Relation to Body Mass Index — Kristin Chino, Luis Salazar, Eryn Ence, Marcia M. Ditmyer, PhD, and Katherine M. Howard, PhD
  • Assessment of a Shared Virtual Microanatomy Laboratory Notebook as a Student-directed Learning Enhancement to Virtual Microscopy — Kristi Coulombe, Jacqueline Delaney, and Katherine M. Howard, PhD
  • A Feasibility Study of Healthy Smiles: Oral Health Education for Parents — Ellen Huang, Cody Hughes, DMD, MSD, Christina A. Demopoulos, DDS, MPH
  • Retrospective Investigation of Community Outreach by UNLV-SDM (Dental) Students: An Analysis of Participant Demographics At Community Dental Clinics — Joshua Leavitt, Matthew Thacker, Nicholas Freel, Christina A. Demopoulos, DDS, MPH, Karl Kingsley, PhD, MPH

Post-doctoral Student Research

Orthodontics Program

  • Frictional Resistance of Aesthetic Orthodontic Archwires Compared to Traditional Arch Wires Before and After Toothbrush Abrasion — Stephen Yamodis, DMD, Jeremy Manuele, BS, Brendan O'Toole, PhD, James Mah, DDS, MSC, DMSC, Bob Martin, DDS

Pediatric Dentistry Program

  • Oral and Facial Manifestations of Burkitt’s Lymphoma:  A Case Report Seran Ng, DDS, Cody Hughes, DMD, MS, Victoria Woo, DDS
  • Teen Drug and Tobacco Use, Caries, and Access to Care Michael R. Cottam MS DMD and Christina Demopoulos, DDS MPH
  • Screening and Detection of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) High-Risk Strains HPV16 and HPV18 in Healthy Pediatric Patient Saliva Samples from Nevada: A Pilot Study — Colton Flake, DMD, Jamal Arafa, Alex Hall, Eryn Ence, Katherine Howard, PhD, Karl Kingsley, PhD, MPH
  • Modern Athletic Mouthguards Fabricated at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas — Michael R Cottam, MS, DMD