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At the School of Dental Medicine you will study in settings that simulate the environment found in today's advanced dental facilities. You'll also work beside excellent faculty and professionals as you participate in research and work in the community. Southern Nevada's current dentist shortage presents both a challenge and an opportunity for graduated dental students to help shape the communities where they live and work.

During your studies, you will be challenged to think beyond the content of your dental education toward its application in real-life settings. We hope to instill not only the critical thinking and technical fundamentals of the profession, but also the qualities that are essential for working with people and partnering with other healthcare professionals in treating a patient's overall health.

Whether your goal is to remain a practitioner, become a dental educator, or to further your professional development, the faculty and staff at UNLV's School of Dental Medicine are committed to helping you succeed. The following links provide more detail on our teaching philosophy and the qualities we strive to instill in our graduates, as well as a course listing and a class calendar.

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