Post Master's Certificate; Nurse Educator

Individuals, who already hold a master's degree in nursing and meet the admission qualifications, may take courses leading to the Nurse Educator Post-Master's Certificate.

Admitted students take the required courses and are awarded a certificate documenting the completion of the required course work. The Nurse Educator Post-Master's Certificate program prepares individuals for teaching positions within a program of nursing or a nurse educator position in a clinical setting.

The MSN curriculum is being revised to meet the 2011 Essentials of Master's Education in Nursing from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The revision will be implemented during fall 2014 and applies to students who matriculate during and after that semester.

Learning Objectives

  • Utilize education research to continually improve teaching strategies/skills.
  • Develop a teaching-learning style that facilitates learner development that meets the educational outcomes of the learner.
  • Assess and evaluate at both the course and program level.
  • Function as a leader and change agent in nursing education settings.
  • Participate in scholarship to further knowledge and abilities in nursing education.

Career Possibilities

Nurse Educator

The Master’s Degree Nursing Program builds on the education of a clinical practice generalist and prepares an advanced practice nurse. The educational experience facilitates the student to validate and expand research findings through application of theory and scientific inquiry. Graduates of the Master’s degree program are expected to function collaboratively and independently in an advanced practice role with various populations and health care settings.


Graduates of the Master’s degree program Nurse Educator are expected to function collaboratively and independently in diverse educational locations, such as schools of nursing, hospitals, and health care agencies requiring an educational specialist.

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