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Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology

The Ph.D. program is designed specifically for professionals who desire tenure track research and/or teaching positions in post-secondary education. The Ph.D. program offers academic concentrations in biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor control/learning and physical activity. Note that applicants are strongly encouraged to have a faculty member identified (cooperatively) to serve as their mentor/advisor prior to application.

Learning Objectives

  • Kinesiology Content Knowledge: demonstrate a broad conceptual knowledge of the Kinesiology field of study and develop related disciplinary content knowledge expertise in Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Motor Control/Learning, or Physical Activity.
  • Effectively communicate knowledge in the discipline: demonstrate the ability to write and speak about current scholarship and issues of the discipline to peers, practitioners, and the public.
  • Research Design: understand concepts pertinent to experimental research design relative to controlling internal and external threats to validity.
  • Research Methods: understand and applying sound scientific methodology to pursue a research question.

Career Possibilities

A Ph.D. in Kinesiology qualifies the graduate to pursue career options focused in teaching/research within the academic, commercial, and fitness industries.

Admission Deadlines

Fall Spring Summer
Jun. 15 Nov. 15 N/A