Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management; Concentration in Restaurant Management

The restaurant management concentration is a course of study ideal for those students interested in all aspects of restaurant and foodservice management. The focus will be on food production, service, marketing, supervision, and financial management. With over 15 million jobs available in the restaurant industry, this concentration will prepare you for a career in the fastest growing area of hospitality. In addition to the Hospitality Management curriculum, students in this concentration will study purchasing, culture and cuisine, and nutrition in food service.

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop selection and procurement processes for foodservice and beverage operations.
  2. Discuss current and future dietary guidelines, nutrition issues, trends, and regulations.
  3. Design menus providing for various dietary needs.
  4. Describe the meal patterns, food preparation and service methods, and culture of different countries.
  5. Understand the influence of different cultures on food and beverage operations and foodservice trends in the United States.
  6. Plan, direct, organize, execute, control, and evaluate foodservice and beverage operations.