Classified Staff Council

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  • Low Profile No More

    Liz Smith was shocked her quiet work keeping geoscience rolling garnered top honors as the President's Classified Employee of the Year.

  • Recycling Champion

    Leslie Matys' advice on how to succeed at work is to expect more of yourself than anyone else expects of you.

  • Two Printers in Every Office

    OK, maybe not in every office, but Takiyah Ray, the third-place recipient in the 2014 President's Classified Employee of Year awards, says she couldn't perform her job efficiently without them.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Ask

    Asking questions and gathering information are the keys to success, according to Marni Montgomery-Blake, the President's Classified Staff Rookie of the Year.

  • Welcome Back

    President Jessup receives a warm welcome as he hits the campus to greet Rebels on their first day back.