Don't Trash Nevada

Don’t Trash Nevada is a comprehensive public outreach campaign to encourage clean-up efforts and discourage litter and illegal dumping in Southern Nevada. The program:

  • Creates advertising related to desert dumping and littering issues.
  • Organizes both annual and ongoing clean-up events.
  • Promotes stronger anti-litter regulations and laws and supports law enforcement and the judicial system efforts.
  • Increases the number of dumpsters, trash receptacles, and collection on Southern Nevada public lands.
  • Provides information related to litter and desert dumping on public lands.
  • Encourages recycling programs.
Don’t Trash Nevada is an initiative of the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership, composed of the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and U.S. Forest Service. These agencies have been working together since 1999 to enhance public services, improve stewardship of the federal lands, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their management activities. The federal agencies partnered with the Public Lands Institute at UNLV for administration and delivery of environmental programs



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