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Dance Day

More than 300 Clark County high school students come to UNLV for Dance Day. The annual December event features master classes, workshops, and performances led by students and faculty from the Department of Dance.  


The Rebel Service Council makes, packages, and delivers peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless population at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission (LVRM).

Desert Survivors

"Desert Survivors" is an educational television show that promotes scientific literacy in local elementary schools. Each episode, shown on UNLV-TV on Cox Cable Channels 70 and 71, spotlights a "survivor" native to the Mojave Desert. During the show, the featured expert answers questions posed by local children.  

Discover Mojave: Forever Earth

Forever Earth is a floating environmental education and research vessel at Lake Mead that: Engages students in scientific research, including water quality testing and monitoring. Provides professional development opportunities for teachers. Offers logistical support to scientists engaged in research. The program provides authentic learning experiences on water quality and water conservation, issues critical to Southern Nevada residents. This is a partnership between Public Lands Institute at UNLV, Forever Resorts, and the National Park Service.

Discover Mojave: Outdoor World

Outdoor World provides recreational activities to at-risk urban youth. The program: Stimulates an appreciation of and connection to nature. Encourages the responsible use of recreational areas. Provides a positive outlet for the alleviation of stress. Promotes physical exercise and activity. Positive outdoor experiences in youth are important to developing a stewardship ethic later in life. And few adults participate in recreational activities that they did not enjoy as children. This is a partnership between Public Lands Institute at UNLV and the four federal land-management agencies in Southern Nevada (Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).  

Don't Trash Nevada

Don’t Trash Nevada is a comprehensive public outreach campaign to encourage clean-up efforts and discourage litter and illegal dumping in Southern Nevada. The program: Creates advertising related to desert dumping and littering issues. Organizes both annual and ongoing clean-up events. Promotes stronger anti-litter regulations and laws and supports law enforcement and the judicial system efforts. Increases the number of dumpsters, trash receptacles, and collection on Southern Nevada public lands. Provides information related to litter and desert dumping on public lands. Encourages recycling programs. Don’t Trash Nevada is an initiative of the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership, composed of the Bureau of Land Management,...