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Las Vegas Art Museum & University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Art Museum’s permanent collection will have a terrific new life with UNLV and The College of Fine Art. Its presence can be enjoyed and appreciated by the community at numerous sites within UNLV. The Barrick Museum, Donna Beam Gallery and other curated and selected venues.

When Las Vegas Art Museum made the decision to close its facility, and thus its ability to exhibit, it was a sad day in Las Vegas.

It seemed as though the community took another hard swallow of the effects of the economic instability that the valley was in the midst of.

We (LVAM) closed the museum on West Sahara in a dignified manner and promised the community that the collection and institution would be available in the future.

With that, the LVAM and the UNLV Foundation came together to see what we could CREATE. And CREATE we did. The natural partner was UNLV, its academic capacity coupled with the natural curiosity of students and access to the community was terrific. The College of Fine Art a perfect nest.

Most importantly was the ability to CREATE an opportunity with Fine Art that became inclusive, not exclusive. The permanent collection could and would be exhibited, curated and given the opportunity to be shared with the Las Vegas community.

It took two great institutions to recognize the value of collaboration and inclusiveness, and in that, its value to the Las Vegas community and Southern Nevada.

Patrick Duffy
Las Vegas Art Museum Board

UNLV Galleries Advisory Board