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When writing or emailing legislators or local media outlets in general:

  • Keep your messages short and direct.
  • Use your own words and be specific about your concerns. While your message is uniquely your own, here is a sample structure to help organize your thoughts or, fill out an "I Support Higher Ed" postcard and send it in.
  • Use your own stationery. Note: University employees should not use UNLV stationery or their work email account.
  • Send a copy of your letter or email to the UNLV Ambassadors program.

Write to Legislators

Elected officials do notice when their constituents take the time to write a letter or send an email. When contacting your representative:

  • Ask for a specific response, such as support on a specific bill or a reply clarifying the legislator’s position on an issue.
  • Time your messages to be delivered shortly before important votes. Join the UNLV Ambassadors network to be notified of important dates for the Nevada Legislature.
  • Another way to share your opinion is through the Nevada Legislature's website.

Write to Media Outlets

Many newspapers and other media outlets encourage their audiences to contribute to coverage of issues through letters to the editor, guest columns, and reader comment sections online. Submit your thoughts today, and then share copies and links with your friends.

More tips for developing an Op/Ed piece.
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