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Whether it’s at the ballpark or in a boardroom, simply sharing your thoughts about UNLV with your friends and neighbors will help UNLV’s efforts.

Ways to Share

Use today’s social media tools to reach out to friends and associates.

  • Facebook: Become a fan of UNLV and the UNLV Ambassadors page.
  • Twitter: and retweet messages with your own support.
  • Articles & Videos: Help increase awareness of higher education issues by sharing articles and videos about the university from the UNLV News Center, the videos website, and other media outlets within your social networks.
  • Comment: Post comments to articles in local publications, blogs, and message boards.

Tips for Sharing

  • When discussing the state’s economic situation, point out the role that higher education has in solving problems.
  • Share with your friends the need to support UNLV now to ensure their child has access to a high quality college experience in the future.
  • Refer your friends to this website and encourage them to become a UNLV Ambassador too.

Update Us

Keep us informed of your activities through our feedback form.

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