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The state's fiscal crisis has forced extraordinary cutbacks in higher education. These come at a time when the state needs to invest in these programs the most. Funding for higher education yields big dividends in jobs creation, work force development, and economic expansion.

UNLV's 2011 Legislative priorities are to:

  • Minimize further cuts to UNLV’s budget
    In the past three years, higher education has taken a disproportionately higher share of budget cuts than other state agencies. To contend with a 27 percent cut in the last three years, UNLV eliminated more than 540 positions and closed academic programs. The proposed 2012-13 state budget will leave UNLV with a cumulative cut of $47.5 million, another 27 percent reduction in dollars UNLV would receive from the state.
    This will reduce our ability to produce graduates, result in more job losses, and cripple important community outreach programs.
    Learn more about UNLV’s budget
  • Develop an appropriate funding formula
    Under the current system, increases in student tuition and fees are not directly returned to our campus. UNLV is requesting changes that will allow us to keep the fund generated by our students. UNLV is also implementing differential tuition so students enrolled in high-cost programs, such as nursing and physical therapy, will contribute more to the real costs of attaining their degrees.
    These measures will allow UNLV to invest student dollars directly into their educational programs while maintaining access to high quality programs for all Nevadans.
    Learn more about UNLV’s budget.
  • Preserve the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship
    This highly successful program is in jeopardy. Over the past 10 years, this program has opened up access to higher education for 60,000 Nevadans, many of them first-generation college students. It also helped keep high achieving students from leaving the state for other institutions. This program is critical to helping build an educated workforce for the state’s businesses.
    Learn more about the Millennium Scholarship.
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