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Committees are the backbone of the UNLV Alumni Association. They meet regularly (usually four to six times per year) to discuss policy and procedures and to implement the association's goals and objectives operations. If you are interested in getting involved beyond just helping out for a few hours at an event, a committee assignment might be right for you. The committees are:

Advocacy & Legislative Committee

The advocacy and legislative committee leads alumni engagement in advocacy for higher education in the community and in the legislature.

Alumni Outreach Committee

The alumni outreach committee nominations for association sponsored awards and recommends a slate of honorees to the board of directors for its approval; establishes and reviews the criteria for awarding association scholarships; determines the number of scholarship awards given each year; serves as a liaison to various university organizations and units, particularly the Student Alumni Association and the Division of Student Affairs; and manages community outreach for the association.

Chapters and Clubs Committee

The chapters and clubs committee prepares policies and makes recommendations to the board concerning chapter and club development, recognition, operation, and termination, including member qualifications and requirements. In conjunction with the finance committee, the chapters and clubs committee develops funding and accounting systems for chapters.

Membership Committee

The membership committee encourages and leads participation in the membership work of the association. It provides advice on membership acquisition and retention strategies; participates in the solicitation of prospective members; and evaluates and approves affinity partnerships and benefit partners.

Events Committee

The events committee assists the association staff with the planning and production special events, including the association’s annual homecoming activities, dinners, and membership events. It provides leadership in development of sponsorship opportunities and donor development.