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Paul and Monica Moradkhan

Rebels in Action — Fall 2008

Monica Moradkhan

Degree: '04 BS Hotel Administration
Occupation: Executive Director for the Nevada Republican Assembly Caucus
Affiliation: annual member of Alumni Association, CSUN president 2002-04
Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA

Paul Moradkhan

Degree: '03 BA English
Occupation: Senior Corps Project Director for Catholic Charities
Affiliation: annual member of the Alumni Association, member of the College of Urban Affairs Advisory Board, CSUN president 2000-02
Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA

You both served two terms as CSUN president. How did your involvement in student activities benefit you?

Paul: If it hadn't been for my student experience, I don't think I would've chosen the master's program that I chose. (He received a master of public policy from Pepperdine University in 2005). It helped me focus on what I wanted to do later on – public policy. When I went to Pepperdine, I met students from all over the country, from Ivy League schools like Cornell and Vanderbilt. I felt more prepared than many of them. My experience in the Honors College definitely helped me in grad school.

Monica: It prepared me for real-world experience. There's only so much you can learn through textbooks and in the classroom. I learned how to balance a budget – we had a $1.2 million budget in CSUN. I learned to work with people at all levels.

Why do you stay involved?

Paul: I stay involved because I believe in the mission of the school. If the university does well, the community benefits. So many alumni were supportive when I was a student. It motivates me to want to do the same for others. One of my duties is running the internship program for Congressman Porter. This past summer, our office had three UNLV students in the district office in Las Vegas and two in the D.C. office.

Monica: My time at UNLV was one of the best times in my life. I feel connected through those memories. I stay in touch with professors because I'm proud to be a graduate. I hope to return one day for grad school.

What skills did you take from UNLV that you didn't expect to use?

Paul: In student government, I learned the importance of prioritizing and listening to what people have to say. The importance of working with others is something that will help you in any job.

Monica: I walked away with so much knowledge. Obviously, I learned team-building skills. I was surprised how much I use the things I learned outside the classroom. I really believe that student activities prepare you for real-world experience.

Why should other young alumni stay involved after graduation?

Paul: Every UNLV student should want to give back and create a better place for the next generation of students. That's what's been done for us for the last 50 years. I'm sure there are a lot of young alumni that are involved and support the university. I'm just one of many doing my small part.

Monica: Your experience at UNLV doesn't end the day you graduate. I think it is so important to build a strong alumni community in Las Vegas and throughout the state. The more pride we have out there in the community, the stronger network we'll have.