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Charlene Mariano

Rebels in Action — Summer 2007

Degree: '03 BS Kinesiology
Occupation: Event Consultant, Platinum Event Planning, LLC
Membership Status: Joint lifetime member with spouse since 2006
Family: Husband, Ronald Mariano, '91 BS Mechanical engineering
Hometown: Diamond Bar, California

Why did you join the alumni association?
When I opened my business, the association was one of the first organizations I wanted to be a part of. It was definitely a way to meet people. I'm having the best time as an active alum. I love the atmosphere of the university.
Why is volunteering with the alumni association important?
I love school, and I know education was a crucial factor in my success. Being involved with the alumni is a vehicle that allows me to pay it forward and reach out to other people with the same experiences. My husband and I are committed to the university. We aim to donate more time and funding for scholarships because students enhance our community.
Have you always volunteered with service organizations?
Being from California, I have always been involved with grassroots programs. Service is a natural habit for me. The less time I have, the more selective I have to be, so I choose to be involved in programs that represent my thought process and my value system.
How has being an active alumni association member benefited you?
Membership pays for itself. Working a booth at an alumni event allows me to build relationships and reconnect with other alumni — it's invaluable. I am proud to walk into a business function and say "I'm an active alum of UNLV."