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Alumni Speak At Las Vegas Schools

Recently, four alumni took time out of their busy schedules to speak about the importance of higher education at local middle and high schools. Check out photos from one of the events. Thank you to Dianja Duran, Mark Feinstein, John Hunt, James McGinnis, and Karla Washington!

“Motivating young people to believe in their future is the best thing anyone could ever do,” said John Hunt. Recently, John told students at Kenny Guinn Middle School, “When we start going to school -- beginning with kindergarten -- we’re given an empty bucket. This bucket is called the ‘bucket of knowledge.’ No matter if you’re the best or the worst student, if you fill up that bucket, your dreams can come true.”

“I can see it in the eyes of these children. They realize that getting an education it not a chore, but a pathway to achieve their dreams. By explaining how they can achieve success, many students are motivated to focus on their school work,” John related. It’s those responses that bring a big smile to John’s face. Knowing in some little he way, he may have inspired a child to value and seek an education.

Interested in volunteering for speaking to students? Volunteers needed nation-wide to assist with recruiting students to UNLV. To learn more, contact Amy Bouchard, director of communications and volunteer management, at