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Starting a Regional or Special-Interest Alumni Club

Regional or special-interest alumni clubs stimulate interest in UNLV and encourage loyalty in alumni by forming specialty organizations within the UNLV Alumni Association. Clubs may establish programs to further the education and social interests of the alumni within the club, including sponsoring programs and events for its members and publishing newsletters.

How to Get Started

  1. Define Your Club

    Identify a geographic area or special-interest group for which you’d like to form a club. Search the Internet for Facebook or LinkedIn groups already in place for alumni with this particular interest. If you find other alumni, ask them to help with the development of your club.

  2. Become a Coordinator

    Club coordinators are volunteers who lead other volunteers and club members. Club coordinators are required to be donating members of the UNLV Alumni Association and complete an access confidentiality agreement. As coordinator, you will be the main contact for this new group. Contact Blake Douglas at 702-895-2399 to learn more.

  3. Form a Committee

    The best way to get other UNLV alumni involved is to invite them to attend a planning meeting or to hold a kickoff event that will draw potential volunteers. Generally, clubs with fewer than 1,000 alumni in the area can expect to organize up to two events annually, and larger clubs will have three or more events each year.

    Your committee should include a co-coordinator and events chair. Additional chair positions could include community service chair, young alumni chair, communication chair, and student engagement chair.

  4. Plan an Event

    Use your creativity and host an event you think alumni will find appealing. Every club that is created gives more and more alumni the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with each other and with UNLV. Some ideas for events include:

    • Have a Meal Together: Gather for brunch, host a reception, try a new restaurant, or hold a gourmet potluck dinner.
    • Attend an Athletic Event: Attend UNLV games or host a watch party.
    • Have Some Fun: Cruise the bay or take a hike.
    • Make a Difference: Coordinate a service activity to improve your local community.
    • Invite a Special Guest: Invite a visiting UNLV faculty member, the university president, an alumni with a special area of expertise, or someone of local renown.
    • Attend a Cultural Event: View the work of a new local artist, catch that touring show you wanted to see, or attend the symphony's latest performance.
    • Make Connections: Host a new student send-off as he or she heads to UNLV, or offer a career connections event.