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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of space does the Richard Tam Alumni Center offer, and what are their capacities?
The Richard Tam Alumni Center has various rooms available for rent. These rooms include the Marietta Tiberti Grand Hall, William Trent Lounge, Fred C. Albrecht Boardroom, Pangonis & Potter Conference Room, and the Jessie & Bryan Metcalf Art Gallery. The capacities of each room can be found here.
Can I use the same reservation form for various events?
Yes. The same reservation form can be used for various events as long as they are standing meetings or recurring events. Individual, nonrecurring events will require a reservation form for each.
If we are a registered UNLV student organization, do we have to pay a rental fee?
Yes. Currently, the Richard Tam Alumni Center does not offer free rental space to any organizations. However, registered student organizations do receive a substantial discount on all rental fees. If you are looking for free space, please contact the Student Union & Event Services office at 702-895-4449.
Do we need insurance for our event, and where can we get it?
All clients who are inviting off-campus guests to their events must provide proof of insurance to hold any event anywhere on UNLV property.
How do I show proof of my nonprofit status?
Nonprofit organizations must show proof of their 501(c)(3) status through federal tax documents or information on official company letterhead.
Do we have to use UNLV Catering for our food and beverage needs?
The Richard Tam Alumni Center strongly recommends using UNLV Catering for your event’s food and beverage needs. UNLV Catering is familiar with our campus and facility and can ensure success. If UNLV Catering is not used , proper insurance from the caterer must be on file prior to the event.
Can we have alcohol at our event?
The Richard Tam Alumni Center does have its own alcohol permit. This permit may be used by clients only if approved by Alumni Relations in advance. If approval is granted, a licensed bartender must serve, and his or her certifications must be on file prior to the event.
If I need additional equipment (tables, chairs, audiovisual, etc.), can I bring in my own?
If the Richard Tam Alumni Center does not have the equipment needed for your event, you may bring your own. However, if you do bring your own equipment, we cannot offer setup or technical assistance.
What equipment is included with the space?
Each room in the Richard Tam Alumni Center has different equipment built into or associated with it. When booking the space, all included equipment will be disclosed.
Is the Richard Tam Alumni Center associated with any other rental facilities on campus?
No. However, if we cannot accommodate your event, we may be able to recommend other university facilities that can meet your needs.