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UNLV Performing Arts Center

Do something different at the UNLV Performing Arts Center! If you're tired of the same old thing, revisit the UNLV Performing Arts Center -- you're sure to find something you like, from classical music to Broadway stars to dance and guitar.

UNLV Alumni receive a 10% discount on events in the UNLV Performing Arts Center's 2011-2012 season. For the full schedule of events, visit and click on Season Brochure. To get your tickets call 702-895-ARTS or visit the UNLV PAC Box Office.

Alumni News

UNLV alumni enjoy exclusive invitations to events and updates from the UNLV Alumni Association.

UNLV Magazine

UNLV Magazine is the official publication for UNLV alumni, faculty, friends, and partners. Donating members automatically receive the magazine as part of their membership fee.

Academic Chapters

When you join the Alumni Association, you automatically become a member of your academic alumni chapter for no additional cost. The academic alumni chapters work with the association to offer you cultural and educational events, networking opportunities, and access to the professors and academic programs you fondly remember. Your chapter offers numerous ways to stay involved, such as speaking to a class, networking with alumni, or continuing your education.

Chapter leaders are alumni just like you and work in partnership with university deans and the association. Chapters offer additional opportunities to engage your fellow alumni, students studying in your field, and professors.

Regional Clubs

The association’s network of regional alumni clubs is a great way to maintain ties to your university and connect with other alumni in your area. Clubs offer a variety of social, cultural, service, and business networking opportunities. Find your regional club.

Special-Interest Clubs

The association’s newest addition is the special-interest clubs. Alumni with similar interests can petition to start a club. Some examples include swim team alumni, Catholic alumni, and student ambassador alumni. Similar to the regional clubs, special-interest clubs offer social and cultural events as well as service and networking opportunities. Find a special-interest club for you.

Student Chapter

The moment a student enrolls at UNLV, he or she becomes part of an elite community known as an "Alumni in Training." The association is proud to support the student chapter called the Student Alumni Association.

The student chapter provides unique opportunities for students to build a bridge from campus life to the professional world. Activities include networking with alumni, on-campus activities, career development, and supporting the academic alumni chapters.

Learn more about the student chapter.